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Leading design publications have repeatedly named Andrew Flesher one of the best designers in the country. But the distinction that stands out above all others may be House & Garden labeling Andrew “The Intuitionist” in the April 2006 issue showcasing “The 50 Tastemakers for 2006.”

Andrew has built a reputation for listening to his clients and intuiting the most impactful individualized designs. He believes in mingling styles to form a unique reflection of the client’s lifestyle. He also believes that the finished product should give the sense that that a room has evolved over time.

Recently, HGTV asked him for “6 Ways to Jazz Up Your Home.” A synopsis of his insights follows:

Have a concept
To really make a statement, you must have a strong concept from the very beginning about the direction you want to go.
Use materials in unexpected ways
Use things that other people might not use, and use them in ways that are not expected.
Limit your color palette
It may sound contradictory, but using fewer colors is actually a bolder move than using a wide range of color.
Simplify materials
Use the same fabric, whether it’s floral or solid, on every piece of upholstered furniture in the room. “The furniture almost recedes, and then you notice the shape of the furniture itself.”
Learn to edit
Intentional minimalism makes an impact. Intention is when you have the right objects in the right places. It’s easy to add one more thing and then add one more and before you know it, you’ve got too much.
Mix it up
While it’s important to be true to your home’s architectural style when doing anything to the shell, you don’t have to match your furniture to the period of the house

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