Termites are small insecticides that live under the mud, behind the wooden furniture and inside the ceilings, cabinets and other stuff in the house. They feed themselves usually on dead plants, dead wood, cotton fibers and other by-product outdoors but inside the house, they primarily survive on wood, secretly damaging and eating all the wood, rugged wooden materials and even fresh wooden furniture.

Termites can cause severe damage to the structures of your homes and can weaken them internally if left untreated or avoided. They are ultimately destructive as they cost about $5 billion yearly damage to the property in the United States.

Australian Standard for termite control & management (AS 3660) recommends that a house should be inspected for termites for at least once a year and for houses or property in high risk areas such as near forests or muddy areas should be thoroughly detected and inspected more often.

By regularly inspecting your house, the presence of termites can be detected in time and hence the risk of damage to the timber and wood can be minimized and the expense of repairs can be reduced. Early termite removal Melbourne could save you a lot of stress down the track.

Moreover by keeping proper maintenance and furbishing of the house and recycling out all the rugged and old wooden material from the house can eradicate the risk and even the presence of termites and their infestations in structure of the house.

You should check for termite infestation regularly by yourself in the house, the backyard and especially in the wood that is in contact with the surface. Carrying out a thorough and complete termite inspection may be a tough ask and difficult task for you and may seem to be time taking but with the assistance and use of some specific tools like a disposable coverall, a bright flashlight and a sharp pocket knife or may be a flathead screwdriver, you can track for termite infestations and termites quite easily and safely without taking much time and it proves to be a successful termite inspection by spending less.

But the standard also does recommend to have a professional and complete termite inspection Diamond Valley of your premises by certified termite inspection company (such as Terminix) every year especially when your house is situated near infested areas or has huge premises difficult to inspect.

If you are carrying out the termite inspection of your house then be very careful and precise while doing your job. Never try to provoke or pull them off with a knife or any other pointed tool nor should apply any insecticide spray over them directly.

This will cause them to shatter and spread out to other areas and infest them even more badly. That is why it is strongly directed to carry out a termite inspection and eradication process by an experienced and highly trained termite technician by the Australian Standards.

Usually the cost of termite inspection is very low, not more than $100 but if traces of termite infestations are found then the cost can range a bit higher. While carrying out the inspection, the technician will closely detect all areas of the house specifically the dirty and damp areas and the areas with moisture and rugged wooden material will be observed more closely as the risk and traces of termites can be found there.

After ending up with the inspection process the inspector would then make a detailed report containing the evidence of termite, amount of termite infestations and damage to the property, the presence of dampness, dirt and rugged wooden material and most importantly the cost of repairs and replacements.