The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Table Linen

Are you having trouble choosing table linen melbourne and table cloths? Do you want to choose the best table linen and table cloths out there? Then, this post is just for you as it provides the ultimate guide to choosing the best melbourne quilts, table linen and table cloths. When it comes setting an elegant and beautiful table, table linen and table cloths play an integral role. In order to set the right tone for an event, one has to choose the best table linen and tablecloths. Since there is a huge variety of options, choosing wholesale table linen melbourne can leave you feeling overwhelmed. The secret to an aesthetic and beautiful look is selecting the right material and design of table linen and table cloths. Read on to learn how to choose the best table linen to transform a space.

Choose the Right Material

  • Cotton: It is the most common material that is used. Round tablecloths should be used in such a way to ensure that the tables are safe since they are used regularly. The reason why cotton is a great choice is because of the fact that it is highly durable and absorbent. Besides, cotton table cloths tend to be easy to maintain and are an affordable option. They are the perfect option for the kitchen area, dining table, and the outdoors.
  • Polyester: Polyester is quite similar to cotton in a number of ways. It is silkier and shiner than cotton. Polyester is pretty affordable and suits formal occasions. However, it is made up of harmful chemicals and some people are allergic to it.
  • Vinyl: Another popular option for outdoor picnics and events is vinyl. It is easy to maintain and durable. Vinyl is also resistant to the weather, stains, and sun. But, it tends to look cheap and might not be the best option for a formal event.
  • Silk: It is the best option for a formal event since it creates a luxurious look. Decorative silk linen should be selected for an extra edge. It is difficult to maintain as it is delicate. Hence, it is reserved for a special occasion such as a wedding.

Choose the Right Size

The occasion should be kept in mind when choosing the size of the table linen and tablecloths. When it comes to formal occasions, the table linen must hang down 10-12 inches around the table. A drop of 15-30 inches will add more elegance. Measure the width and length of the table to get the right size. Moreover, you can adjust the size depending on your personal taste. The same would apply to the bedroom – where quality bed linen in melbourne would need to adhere to the same rules.

Choose the Right Design

Finally, you need to choose the right design as the design of the cloth plays a huge role in creating a specific look and feel. Choose from an embroidered, patterned, printed, or woven design. Ivory or a white color works best for formal occasions. As for informal settings, patterned or printed designs can be selected. Choose according to the theme of the occasion.